Goggie Gif: Dancing Dachshund

Goggie Gif: Dancing Dachshund

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Unknown (via Max Capacity )

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Goggies on the Bus

Goggies on the Bus

the googies on the bus go bark bark bark!

w8t bus wer r u goin wif mai hoomin?

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New Doggy Font!

New Doggy Font!

Austrain design studio Langustefonts has created a new font called “Doggy” that displays text as, you guessed it, doggys! The font comes in three different breeds so far: Chihuahua, Dachshund, and Poodle. On top of that the longer the word the longer the dog will be!

Learn more about Doggy and Langustefonts here!

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Unknown (via Langustefonts)

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New Best Friend

New Best Friend

well hello there, random human visiting my home. did you happen to bring anything good? hotdogs? biskits? bacon? if you did, you could just become my new best friend!

ai luv new fwends and specially noms!

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Sir Wiener of Dog

Sir Wiener of Dog

HUZZAH! I’m SIR WEINER OF DOGi lub the goggie naitz doctor teh round tabl!

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