Lemme Have it!

Lemme Have it!

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Is there a Cognitive-Behavioral-Yummies Therapy?

meybe u need some medicine 2?

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Goggie Swag: Freezy Pups Treats

Goggie Swag: Freezy Pups Treats

This week we found an easy to make, organic treat that will help your dog cool off! Freezy pups are treats you can make yourself by mixing different flavor packets (made from all natural ingredients) with water, and freezing them in the bone-shaped ice cube tray. One kit comes with four different delicious, dog-approved flavors: White Cheddar, Juicy Apple, Sweet Potato ‘n Maple, and Chicken Soup. So if you want to provide your canine with treats made from ingredients you can actually pronounce, give these a try. Find out more about them here!

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You said i could have bacon later. It’s later where’s my bacon?

b polait, wer r ur mannerz?

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New Best Friend

New Best Friend

well hello there, random human visiting my home. did you happen to bring anything good? hotdogs? biskits? bacon? if you did, you could just become my new best friend!

ai luv new fwends and specially noms!

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