That Isn’t Helping, Mom!

That Isn't Helping, Mom!

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Unknown (via supah-ceda)

Tagged: kids, text, moms, parenting, funny, g rated


This Isn’t Like My Teddy at All

This Isn't Like My Teddy at All

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Unknown (via Niknaks Blog)

Tagged: Babies, polar bear, cute, parenting, animals

Which is Always

Which is Always

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Unknown (via dream-maker-love-taker)

Tagged: teenagers, parenting, books, funny

Just When You Thought Penguins Couldn’t Get Any Cuter

Just When You Thought Penguins Couldn't Get Any Cuter

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Unknown (via hey-boo-you-a-cutie)

Tagged: Babies, penguins, cute, parenting, funny

Seriously Though, It Was All Teh Kitteh’s Idea

Seriously Though, It Was All Teh Kitteh's Idea

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AngelAndz(via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Tagged: kitten, pool, digging, Cats, funny



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Tagged: bath, mud, laughing, dirty, funny

A Pair of Seriously Sleepy Puppies

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Tagged: nap, puppies, videos, cute, sleepy

Foofany Would Be Jealous

Foofany Would Be Jealous

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Tagged: foofany, Flower, pretty

Doctor Give Very Big Injection Very Funny (Video)


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