Nothing to Squee Here

“Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here ottering about…”

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:

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Bunday: Helicopter Ears

The bunny is sufficiently squee and ready for take off!

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via The Daily Bunny)

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Baby Emus

Nice stripes! They’re very squee and flattering on your feathers.

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via MiracleOfCreation (ON))

Tagged: Babies, emus, birds, feathers, stripes, squee

Grumpy Panther Cub

Somebody isn’t happy that we disturbed their nap. Poor, widdle, grumpy panther cub. I suggest we all squee and run, before mama finds out! -Sally Squeeps

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Tagged: baby, panther, growling, cub, grumpy, squee, whiskers

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