Chateau San Goggie

sum goggiez rly appreciat gud wine!

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Tagged: drinking, dogs, bottle of wine, drunk, tongue, wine, shetland sheepdog

U tryna hang out?

who r u talkin 2?

Submitted by:
CrazyJay76(via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Tagged: dogs, goggles, sup, pick-up line, picking up chicks, what breed

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Duz Ur Tong Hang Lo?

Submitted by:
Unknown (via nrumpke)

Tagged: dogs, puppies, springer spaniel, tongue, cyoot puppy ob teh day

Goggie Gif: Chow Chow Puppies!

Submitted by:

Tagged: gif, dogs, puppies, chow chows, running, tennis ball, playing

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