This is Why Goggies Make Terrible Plumbers

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Dis Iz Heavon

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Thanks, my paws can’t reach there.

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I’d better get a new toy after this!

but santa costooomez r teh cyootest!

Get into the holiday spirits with all things awful and awesome on Sketchy Santas!

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Halloween Humbug

ur nawt dat scurry nywayz…

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speshully wen der iz gurl puppies around…

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Ai b Captin Bluu Furr

Ai b Captin Bluu Furr

Arggggghhhh! mateys!

yu’ll b srry u eber nuetrd meh!

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Good boy!

Good boy!

“High 5… shake. Cuddles!”

Goooood boy!

whozza gud boy???

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