Time to Cool Off

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Unknown (via The Pet Collective)

Tagged: hot, puppies, cute, ice

A Pair of Seriously Sleepy Puppies

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Tagged: nap, puppies, videos, cute, sleepy

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Sweater Pug

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Unknown (via Epic Pugs )

Tagged: dogs, sweaters, puppies, pugs, cyoot puppy ob teh day

Goggie Gif: Here’s Your Daily Dose of Happy

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Unknown (via RobertDanger)

Tagged: gif, dogs, puppies, pugs, happy

A Not So Warm Welcome

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Tagged: litterbox, dogs, bully, puppies, new kid, Cats

No wonder you can’t fly!

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Tagged: Babies, dogs, best, birds, puppies, scared, keeshond, parrot

Baby Goat Playing With Puppies

There seems to be some cross-species misunderstanding going on here. The puppies just want to cuddle, while their new friend the kid wants to play HEAD BUTT!

FYI this is how puppy bowling was invented.

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via Bunny Food )

Tagged: gif, kids, Interspecies Love, puppies, goats, head butt, playing

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Handful of Puggies

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Unknown (via Bunny Food )

Tagged: dogs, puppies, handful, pugs, cyoot puppy ob teh day

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Duz Ur Tong Hang Lo?

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Unknown (via nrumpke)

Tagged: dogs, puppies, springer spaniel, tongue, cyoot puppy ob teh day

Goggie Gif: Chow Chow Puppies!

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Tagged: gif, dogs, puppies, chow chows, running, tennis ball, playing

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