Goggie Gif: People Costumes

Goggie Gif: People Costumes

These Dogs have pulled off some very convincing human costumes. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Goggies on the Bus

Goggies on the Bus

the googies on the bus go bark bark bark!

w8t bus wer r u goin wif mai hoomin?

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Ai <3 Chicken!

<img src='https://i.chzbgr.com/completestore/12/8/18/ZuliDozd20-NE1yQ9BvZ7w2.jpg&#039; alt="Ai

They said I could be anything I wanted so I became a chicken.

wait… wat?

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Ai b Captin Bluu Furr

Ai b Captin Bluu Furr

Arggggghhhh! mateys!

yu’ll b srry u eber nuetrd meh!

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