Getting Snow Off the Roof Has Never Looked So Satisfying

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It’s Nearly Impossilbe to Pick Up a Malamute/Husky Split

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Dealing With a Blizzard WIN

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Getting That Luxury Look on a Budget

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OMG! They’re Real!

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River of Narwhals

Behold a river of narwhals! The squee unicorns of the sea! -Sally Squeeps

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Squee Spree: Fly Away!

Squee Spree: Fly Away!

It has been a fun, squee week full of Flying Squirrels, but it’s time to give another creature a chance at squeedom. So fly away widdle Squirrel! Visit us another time! -Sally Squeeps

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Unknown (via Web Squirrel Lolz )

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It doesn’t add up…

It doesn't add up...

Doesn’t fear bears. Fireworks and bicycle pumps are the end of the world.

but bers r scurry!

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But I thought it was funny…

But I thought it was funny...

That awkward moment when you’re the only one laughing…

ai get teh awkwarks all teh tiem…

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