YOU’RE Always Multitasking, Mom!

YOU'RE Always Multitasking, Mom!

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Unknown (via praise hypnotoad)

Tagged: bathrooms, kids, video games, parenting

Always Keep it Within Reach

Always Keep it Within Reach

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Unknown (via Sofa Pizza)

Tagged: kids, lollipops, parenting

Daddy is NOT Ready For This

Daddy is NOT Ready For This

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Tagged: kids, text, parenting, g rated

Warn Your Children: Santa’s Got a Lie Detector

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Tagged: santa, lie detectors, Video, kids, parenting, trolling, g rated

*Insert Monster Growl Here*

*Insert Monster Growl Here*

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Unknown (via Pleated Jeans)

Tagged: kids, parenting, dollhouses

What Are We Teaching Kids About Pirates These Days?

What Are We Teaching Kids About Pirates These Days?

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Tagged: kids, parenting, pirates, g rated

Is He Trying to Tell You Something?

Is He Trying to Tell You Something?

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Tagged: kids, homework, parenting

A Child’s Stream-of-Consciousness

A Child's Stream-of-Consciousness

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Tagged: dads, kids, notes, parenting, g rated

Mom, I Want THAT One!

Mom, I Want THAT One!

What happens when the bakers accidentally break one of the gingerbread cookies? Why waste a perfectly good dead gingerbread man?

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Tagged: kids, parenting, cookies, gingerbread men



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Unknown (via obeseblackguy)

Tagged: Fencing, kids, parenting, bumper stickers, School of FAIL

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