Daddy is NOT Ready For This

Daddy is NOT Ready For This

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Tagged: kids, text, parenting, g rated

What Are We Teaching Kids About Pirates These Days?

What Are We Teaching Kids About Pirates These Days?

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Tagged: kids, parenting, pirates, g rated

A Child’s Stream-of-Consciousness

A Child's Stream-of-Consciousness

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Parenting Win

Parenting Win

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Why Do You Think They Call it a SANDwich?

Why Do You Think They Call it a SANDwich?

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Unknown (via FunPicsNow)

Tagged: Babies, parenting, sand, food, funny, g rated

Ring at Your Own Risk

Ring at Your Own Risk

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Unknown (via Baby Sideburns)

Tagged: doorbell, parenting, notes, funny, g rated

That Isn’t Helping, Mom!

That Isn't Helping, Mom!

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Unknown (via supah-ceda)

Tagged: kids, text, moms, parenting, funny, g rated

She’s Clearly Not a “Dog Person”

She's Clearly Not a

My friend took this picture of his kid. Apparently, it’s a common occurence for him to snap pictures of his kiddo in various sad moments.

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Do You Like “Fish” Sticks?

Do You Like

According to my son, these are fish.

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Russell Crowe Knows What’s Up

When he’s not drunkenly punching inferior humans, Russell seems like a pretty level-headed guy.

Caption ALL the celebrities!

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