Something to Snuggle During Daytime Naps

Something to Snuggle During Daytime Naps

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The Water is Lava

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Unknown (via The Pet Collective)

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YOU’RE Always Multitasking, Mom!

YOU'RE Always Multitasking, Mom!

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Unknown (via praise hypnotoad)

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Top 10 Walking Dad Jokes

Top 10 Walking Dad Jokes

Remember those horrible jokes your dad used to tell? Rick Grimes sure does, and he doesn’t think something like the zombie apocalypse should spoil all the fun.

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Always Keep it Within Reach

Always Keep it Within Reach

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Daddy is NOT Ready For This

Daddy is NOT Ready For This

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That’s One Way to Take a Baptism Photo

That's One Way to Take a Baptism Photo

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Unknown (via knightscrest)

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Warn Your Children: Santa’s Got a Lie Detector

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